Stainless steel multi-layer mesh filter candle used for precious metal catalyst recovery

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Precise Pores
  • Effective Backwash
  • Complete Safety
  • No Choking
  • Long working time

Product Details

Stainless steel multi-layer mesh filter candle used for precious metal catalyst recovery


1. Material: 304,304L,306,306L and so on
2. External diameter: 20--1000mm
3. Standard: Non-standard, OEM, ODM
4. Certification: ISO9001, 


3-layer sinter mesh or 5-layer sintred mesh or 3-layer sintered mesh + inner perforated tube or customized.

Application environment introduction

Many chemical reactions are initiated and aided by catalysts of various types. These catalystsare often made of precious metals such as Palladium (Pd/C), Platinum (Pt/C), Rhodium (Rh/C),Ruthenium (Ru/C) etc. Typically 5% and 10% palladium/platinum/rhodium/ruthenium onactivated carbon/alumina catalysts finds application in variety of reactions like hydrogenation,reduction, oxidation etc. Since precious metal catalysts are expensive, their recovery is veryimportant from economic and environmental point of view.


No Choking: Sintered mesh element surface filtration hence no chokingproblems

Effective Backwash: No Depth filtration hence effective cleaning and backwash

Precise Pores: Filter candle with High-precision Pore size and Uniform pore distributionNo Polishing Filters

No Recirculation: Once through filtration hence recirculation of the media not required

No Spillage Losses: Closed operating system and no atmospheric exposure hence no spillagelosses

No Consumables: No consumables required such. as disposable cartridges, filter aids, bagsetc. 

Complete Safety: Safe and closed loop operation with complete process and operator safetyZero Hold-up Design: Zero hold-up design prevents loss of product/batch capacityComplete Recovery: 100% recovery of catalyst

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