Sand cyclone separator

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • automatic sewage control
  • No backwash water is needed
  • No replaceable components
  • no maintenance required
  • No external power is needed to save energy

Product Details

sand cyclone separator


Centrifugal solid-liquid separator can also be called rotary liquid separator, according to the principle of centrifugal separation, used to separate the solid can be settled in the liquid, the unique internal acceleration of the movement of high-speed rotating vortex, thus high efficiency separation of solid impurities in the liquid.


The liquid enters from the entrance in the tangential direction, enters through the swirl guide tube into the accelerated circulation, accelerates to form a high-speed swirl, and makes circular rotation motion. Particles larger than the fluid are thrown to the outer wall of the separation chamber by centrifugal force, particles slide down the outer wall to the collecting chamber, and the clean liquid turns to flow out from the outlet.The vortex preventer prevents the precipitate impurities entering the collecting chamber from being picked up by the eddy current.Liquid with high concentration of impurities is discharged from the outlet.


Raw water: surface water, groundwater, seawater, lake water, reservoir water, pond water, pre-filtration before entering water plants, factories and industrial facilities

Municipal water: water supply, drainage and sewage treatment

Iron and steel enterprises: iron smelting, coking, steel making, steel rolling and other production process of circulating cooling water treatment, nozzle and mold protection.

Mines: water recycling, mineral recovery, pump protection

Petroleum industry: well injection, offshore platform, process recycling water.

Paper mill: raw water, black liquor, process circulating water

Others: agricultural irrigation, power system, food processing, landscaping

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