50Micron Stainless Steel Pleated Water Filter Candle

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.Large filtration are (5-10times) as normal cartridge shape filter element;
  • 2.High porosity and good air permeability;
  • 3.High filtering efficiency;
  • 4.Wide range of applications
  • 5.According to customized size

Product Details

Product Introduction:

1.Filter material: stainless steel sintered fiber felt stainless steel wire mesh

2.Core structure:

Pleated stainless steel sintered fiber felt(control filtering rate) and double protective mesh

Pleated stainless steel wire mesh(control filtering rate)and double protective mesh

3.Filter rate: 5-60u (stainless steel fiber felt) 1-300u(stainless steel mesh)


Polymer ,water treatment, oil, pharmaceutical ,food and beverage, chemical, synthetic filtration ,and medium filtration such as high temperature.


Length:1,5,10,50,Inch,and customize size

Diameter:1,5,10,20,30,Inch and customize size

XinXiang XinLi Filter Technology Co., Ltd

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