316L Stainless Steel Sintered Powder Filter Candle

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • excellent filtration property(0.5~200µm)
  • shape stability, high intensity of elements
  • high temperature resistance (work in high temperature environment <900°C
  • better permeability and excellent separation
  • good backwashing ,easy recovery of elements

Product Details

Product Introduction:

Sintered Metal Powder Filter adopts metal powder as raw material without adding binder. After the cold isostatic pressing molding, it is made by high temperature vacuum sintering. The pore size and distribution of the element can be adjusted by selecting the size and process parameters of the metal powder particles. Using the characteristics of pore structure, material composition and compressive strength of different filtration materials, the final filter products suitable for users are developed.


Widely used in petrochemical industry, chemistry, fine chemical engineering, coal chemical industry, food and beverage, nuclear power, shipbuilding,  automobile making and other industry

1.catalyst filtration

2.filter liquid and gas

3. filter for recovery of  mother liquor from PAT production

4. filter for food and drink

5.boiling vaporization lathe

6.bubble of liquid flush tank arresting and isolating

8. equilibrium and damped airflow

9. protection for sensor probe

10.filtration and silencing for pneumatic equipment

11.pulverized coal processing

12.gas homogenization and airslide in powder industry

13.other founction 

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